Dealing with Tough Situations

Our society has a mental health issue. This is evidenced by all the shootings and other violence that we keep hearing about on headlines. It’s terrible and it’s terrifying, and … Continue reading Dealing with Tough Situations

How to Start Living your Dream Life

How to Start Living your Dream Life Using the Power of Evolution I love finding patterns in nature and relating them to our lives. Just as we’d analyze a series … Continue reading How to Start Living your Dream Life

Live Life with Purpose

Live like you just survived a near death experience. Okay, maybe not just, because if it just happened, you’d probably still be shaking, terrified.  But imagine if it happened to your … Continue reading Live Life with Purpose

Living on Purpose

I believe it is important to be intentional in every aspect of life. There are at least a couple of Bible scriptures that deal with this. They teach us that … Continue reading Living on Purpose

Intentionality With Your Work

Being intentional is a vital tool in finding happiness in your life.  We should try to be intentional about everything, be it the food we put into our bodies, the company … Continue reading Intentionality With Your Work