Dealing with Tough Situations

Our society has a mental health issue. This is evidenced by all the shootings and other violence that we keep hearing about on headlines.

It’s terrible and it’s terrifying, and if I can do anything to help out the situation, I will. That is my goal behind spreading bits of positivity and thoughts on how to correctly view our lives and all the issues our beautiful lives bring up.

One of the problems I witness that seems to cause pain is that we are expecting perfection in life. However, if we try to force perfection by ignoring or denying that there are problems, then we don’t allow ourselves to experience the negatives experiences in life. And this will strip us of our ability to build mental resilience.

Resilience is imperative for coping and getting by during hard seasons of life, and for our strive for happiness and satisfaction in life during the best of times, when we are thriving.

So, quit expecting perfection.

Embrace the chaos that is life.

Each and every problem in our lives is a chance for growth. Examine what it is that is causing you pain. To paraphrase 13th century Person poet Rumi, wounds are where the light enters the body.

But before you can examine the pain to figure out the problem and ultimately, the solution, allowing growth and healing, you must become aware of the problem. You must be alert, and be willing to accept that there is a problem, not simply ignore the unpleasant feelings inside you and hope they go away.

So the next time an issue in your life comes up, be thankful the universe finds you worthy to teach you a lesson. If it’s a recurring problem, the universe is telling you to solve the issue. Honor the lesson you’ve been presented by giving it the time to think about it. Give it your attention.

In school we are forced to do this. A good mathematics teacher will present us the same problem over and over, in different contexts, and with different details, if they want us to figure out a certain lesson. So does God, the ultimate teacher that is in constant conversation with us through our every day circumstances. Learn this language that He speaks to us in.

After pinpointing the pain-causing issue, the time has come to use your brain: research and brainstorm what the solution is. What would ease the pain?

Finding the solution is part of us taking responsibility for our own needs and lives. We can get our needs met. We are responsible for getting our needs taken care of. If we don’t, we’ll become/stay unbalanced, and we’ll never morph into the human being we are supposed to be.

It’s not always easy. Sometimes it will take many attempts and years to figure out. But nothing in life worth pursuing is an easy task. The get-rich-quick schemes are all garbage. (I’ve investigated them all, just in case.) And the same is true with your spiritual walk. Don’t cheat yourself by attempting to sidestep the necessary work. Baby steps are the way to go, and you’ll get a bit closer to where you want to go every time you put forth the effort to help yourself, and thereby, all of humanity and the universe, since after all, we are all connected. Be aware that your one action or thought, like a tiny butterfly’s flap of its wings, may seem insignificant to you, but that one positive step in the right direction will cause emanating ripples in the pond of life, and subsequently help everyone and everything they pass through.

Summarily, not expecting perfection, but instead analyzing our problems and acting on them is the path to healing ourselves. Not letting our emotional reactions get so out of hand that they hijack our sense of what’s right and wrong, but instead respecting the negative emotions while at the same time controlling our actions. This lovely method is a much more fun life to live than feeling like a broken person who will eventually break down mentally and act in ways we will later not be proud of.

Everyone gets to choose which path they’d rather take, consciously or not, which is what gives us this absurd, problem-filled, lesson-teaching, lovely reality we are living in called life. Which path will you choose to take?

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