How to Always Know God is Present


Knowing God is Present

God, The Creator, the universe, or whomever you call the higher power that is, created nature. And we are part of that nature. There are patterns in nature that we can and should learn from, and perhaps that is precisely why it was created that way. Just so we would one day, stop our ceaseless activity, take a look around us, and say, “Wow.” And be rendered breathless by the beauty we see, to be so in awe of our Creator’s creativity, to be in a state of childlike wonder.

For that reason, I always search for the patterns in nature that can help me live and understand my life better. And, it’s because of that reason why I usually don’t even have to search, instead they just seem to involuntarily enter my brain, whack me upside the head with their utter truthfulness, and make me love nature and life all that much more.

So, the truth that struck me this morning made its way to me like this. While driving my son to preschool, he commented that the son was over there in one direction, but he couldn’t wait until it was over there, in the opposite direction. To which I replied, “Well, the sun doesn’t really move. Even though it seems like it. We are the ones moving and the sun stays still.”

Wow. It hit me then. There are times in life when we may wonder where in the world God is. How he could let such and such happen?  How we could be having such a hard time, just getting by?

But just like the earth and the sun doing our never-ending dance, we are the ones who have personally rotated away from God, momentarily. The universe will stay where it always has, faithful, and ever-patient, for us to realize we are causing our own winter seasons in our own lives, and to diligently turn our heads back to Him.

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