Choosing Good Vibes to Live your Best Life

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I believe nature gives us physical examples of spiritual truths that we can use to help us live better lives.  We just have to find the patterns and apply them.  It is my goal to help you learn about these designs that I believe our Creator gave us to learn from.

One natural phenomenon that fascinates me is how there are unseen forces guiding us every day.  Think about gravity.  There is obviously some invisible yet inevitable force in charge of how things fall back down to the earth.

Take magnets as another example. We can’t see the power but we can feel it, pushing and pulling the objects it’s in charge of controlling.  Albert Einstein was given a compass when he was five, and was taken aback with the fact that there was hidden energy- magnetic fields- controlling the small needle which always pointed north.

And what about fragrance?  Unless it’s a green wave in a cartoon indicating stinkiness, we can’t see it. But there is obviously something there, something on such a micro, molecular level that it can enter our nostrils via the air around us, and force our brains to process it to figure out what it is out there in the world around us that’s creating that odor. Because it may be harmful, or it may be helpful, it may give us information, or maybe it’s something we don’t need to do anything about at all, a neutral fragrance.  Whatever it is, our body’s natural intelligence knows it needs to figure out what it is and how to deal with it, if action is necessary or not, just like we need to do with the energy of the spiritual type that’s all around us.

I believe these examples were put in physical creation to teach us spiritual truths. There are forces guiding us that we can’t see either. It’s up to us to harness them and use them for our good, not let them be in control of our lives.

Choosing Good Vibes

Are we going to let the efforts of evil control us, giving in to short tempers and anger?

Or, do we want to tap into the lovely energy of the positive spiritual kind, the kind that is wishing us only positivity and advancement?  If we choose the latter, we are creating a better word for ourselves and all those around us.

The great news is that we get to decide!  We tell our brains where to go to every day, what to focus on.  It may feel as though you are out of control, but that’s not the truth.

Live Your Best Life

So if you get to decide whether to feel like crap or to feel like a million bucks every day, why not start taking the steps to feel like the rock star you were born to be, that is already inside you?  You may have seen only glimpses of your inner rock star.  Maybe only certain situations makes him or her show up.  Maybe he’s in a dormant phase.  Maybe she’s trying to learn how to juggle new responsibilities with being who she really wants to be, but I promise you, that rock star is still alive inside yourself, just waiting to come out!  To greet the world with a huge jumping high five and live the awesome life you were created to live.  It’s up to you to either follow the forces who can guide you to living as that awesome creation, or to listen to the invisible yet present power to hold you back- fear, worry, anxiety.  Those voices aren’t coming from good energy.  However, the ones telling you to break free from those negative thought patterns?  Yep- they’re on your side.  They’re all about your happiness.

You, and you alone, sweet friend, hold the power to listen to and act on either one!


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