How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

A lot of times, we compare our behind the scenes moments to someone else’s best moments on the stage or in a photo shoot.

Well, of course they look better after hours of professionals working on their hair and makeup, and getting their photo taken by an awesome photographer in the perfect light at just the right angles, than we do right when we roll out of bed, or after a long day of work.

Not just physical appearance comparisons, though, take careers as another example.  We can’t compare our beginnings or wherever we are in a journey to someone else’s success.  So they get a million views and you don’t?  Well, chances are they’ve been working on it multiple years longer. 

It doesn’t mean you should give up.  It doesn’t mean you won’t get there, too.

It simply means they’ve been working longer and harder than you, so they are in a different place.  They have been there, paved the road.  They may be setting a good example for you to follow, if you want to travel where they have.

If a caterpillar focused on how beautiful a butterfly was, and got depressed about it, and thought he’d never attain all that glory, we’d all be able to see how silly that was.  Luckily nature propels them forward, so they’ll likely get the chance to become an insect of immense beauty. Thanks to their limited cognitive function, they have no chance to do anything but charge ahead, nibbling on leaves, being a caterpillar, doing what caterpillars do.

So please, be like the caterpillar, and don’t give up on your dreams!  Charge ahead, regardless of what others are doing around you.  The universe needs you and those special talents it gave to you, and only unique, beautiful you!

What ways do you compare yourself to others when you shouldn’t?

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