Closing the Gap between Where you Are and Where you Want to Go

Lightning is a magnificent force of nature, terrifying and powerful.

Lightning occurs when the positive and negative charges in a cloud separate into the top and bottom parts of the cloud, respectively.  Then, the negatively charged part of the cloud seeks more positive charges, so it involuntarily sends out a streak of electricity to whatever around it can meet it with more positivity.  Sometimes it’s another cloud, sometimes it’s the ground, a tree, or a tower.  When they meet, the receiving end sends out the bolt that lights up the sky.

I believe every spiritual reality has a physical reality.  Why?  Because all were created by one Creator.  So, naturally, there are similarities and patterns we’ll see.  We just have to look for them.

Like the beautiful strikes of lightning, when there is too much difference in us between who we are created to be and who we currently are, something happens.  There’s too much tension.  We don’t feel right.  This is why transformations occur in life when people hit absolute rock bottom, in whatever are of life, be it finances or weight loss.

It’s like their personal lightning strike.  And if you’re close to them, maybe you can “hear” the rumble of the thunder emitted from the process.  This metaphorical thunder is the changes that take place because of the transformation.  It may “sound” like kinder words, or healthier choices, or not going out to the bars so much.

But, luckily for us, we don’t have to wait until we hit rock bottom.  Our lives don’t have to endure the dramatic lightning strike.  We can choose to become aware of every aspect of our lives, and examine where there is already tension.

What do you not like?  What would you change?  What doesn’t feel right?  Slough off bad habits like they’re yesterday’s news, or like trees let go of their leaves in the fall when they’re no longer serving them.  “Constantly renew your mind,” as the bible says, and what will follow is better relationships, habits, and whole life.

photo of lightning
Photo by Philippe Donn on

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