Live Life with Purpose

Live like you just survived a near death experience.

Okay, maybe not just, because if it just happened, you’d probably still be shaking, terrified.  But imagine if it happened to your a week ago.

That brings clarity.

That quickly sets your priorities.

That makes you realize what matters.

If you knew your last day was coming up soon, what would you do?

Let’s say you’re lucky, and have many more days, and could peek ahead to your last day, in your golden years.  How would you judge your life, if you keep going as you are now?

Is there anything you’d regret?  Anything you wish you’d had the courage to do, but never tried?

Is there anything you want to accomplish, but haven’t set the goal to try it, or started acquiring the necessary information about to figure out how to make it happen?

Realize now what you’d change so that when your last day has arrived, you’re confident that the people you love and admire know how you feel.  You’ve said the things that needed to be said, apologized and forgiven those you’ve trespassed and been trespassed against.  The relationships are going to count in the long run.

And figure out what goals you will achieve, in every area of life, and to what lengths you need to go to to get it.  Success is not a mistake.

Living your life, every aspect of it, on purpose, will bring happiness.

Philippians 4:13

I can do all this through him who gives me strength.

Watch this amazing video about a near death experience. This post was inspired by it, and has more about reaching your goals.  I’d love to hear your comments about what’s in your heart!


This link was shared at the What Joy is Mine and Life of Faith link parties.

4 Replies to “Live Life with Purpose”

  1. Sarah,
    Thanks so much for sharing this at Coffee & Conversation! What an inspiration…something to think about.
    Have a great week!


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