10 Simple Ways For Slowing Down A Life That Moves Way Too Fast, Part 2 of 2

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Jesica Hanley Vega

IMG_2470Last week, I wrote about the lack of stillness so many of us experience in our busy modern lives. This week, I’ll offer 10 simple practices for cultivating stillness that can be achieved at any time.

Before that, however, I want you to consider how much you probably HATE just being still. Sure, you may complain about being “busy and stressed,” but often the real suffering doesn’t start until you stop moving. After all, you don’t do anything unless you get something out of it and, more often than not, what you get from being “busy and stressed” is an escape from how you feel.

We don’t only live in a high speed world, too many of us live in a world in which it’s just not okay to feel strung out, sad, disappointed or bored. It’s not okay and, even worse, we may not know how to handle those feelings in a healthy way. Frequently, the first things we feel when we slow…

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2 Replies to “10 Simple Ways For Slowing Down A Life That Moves Way Too Fast, Part 2 of 2”

  1. Sarah, Thanks so much for reposting. That was my first ever re-post by someone I don’t know IRL. I’m so touched. And I love your blog and sense of purpose. We are sisters on a mission. Love, Jes


    1. Thank you so much for the great post! I think it’s important information we all need to read.


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