Thank You Inspiration: The Thank You Lady

Thank You inspiration
Let me explain where some of the inspiration for Thank God for my life came from: at my step great grandma’s funeral, the priest’s sermon was about how he knew her as the thank you lady.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” she could be heard saying to everyone.

    ~ She was always grateful to anyone who extended the tiniest act of kindness toward her.

    ~ She was a very generous woman as well, and no one who knew her ever heard her complain about a thing.

    ~ In my grade school religion class’ homework of thinking of the saints in your life, she quickly came to mind.

    ~ She was just the kind of person who is so great to be around, the kind of person you want to be more like.  The kind of person that makes you glad to be alive, and that you wish the world was more like.

May God help me achieve that goal of living a more thankful life, and inspiring you to do the same.  May we all achieve the happiness she proved was so attainable, with God’s help.

So here is thanking you, back, Cora!  Thanks for being a great example of God’s love, and a blessing to everyone lucky enough to have you in their lives.  Thanks for inspiring me to be more grateful, although it takes me a while longer to catch on sometimes 🙂  And please be aware that I’m on a quest to help everyone else live the kind of life you lived.  To thank God for our lives, no matter where we are on our journeys, every day!

8 Replies to “Thank You Inspiration: The Thank You Lady”

  1. Oh, to be known as the “Thank You Lady”! Wonderful! This may be my new goal! Thank you 😉 For sharing, Cindy


    1. Mine too, Cindy! I’m sure it wasn’t her goal, but that’s all I remember her for now. I’m so glad we have people like her as an inspiration! Thanks for visiting!


  2. It’s wonderful when we have someone in our family who is a role model we can follow. Your step great grandma sounds like she was a beautiful person. My own grandma wasn’t a thank you lady, but she was a praying lady and I am grateful for her prayers and I remember her with such fondness.


    1. Thanks so much for the comment, she was definitely a beautiful person. I’m so lucky to have had great role models in my life, and sounds like your grandma was a great one as well. I hope they’re looking down on us smiling!


  3. Oh the memories that will never die…I am blessed to have those from my parents and grandparents. Your story comes at a special time for me ….Christmas. I cry when I decorate the tree. Tears of missing them but also joyful memories. My grandma on my dads side taught me to say thank you in german…danka shay..something like that, whike I handed her clothes from the basket to hang on the line. She also gave me a glow in the dark rosary when I was about 8yrs old. I wish I still had it!


    1. Danka Shun! I learned that on study abroad, too lol! We are very lucky to have such great people as role models in our lives, and can be thankful for all the memories!


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