Living up to your Potential- More Living on Purpose

Being intentional is important because it makes you happy. When your life lacks intentionality, you feel lost. Not being intentional can stem from having a lack of willpower over the things you want willpower over, which is a terrible feeling. According to research from the British Psychological Society research, if you feel like you don’t have willpower over say, vegging out in front of the television, you are more likely to end up feeling guilty about it, and not gain any benefits of relaxation from it.

Worse than just the vegging out problem it can create in your life, in my opinion, is that it may be a contributing factor in how some people end up overweight, or have terrible relationships with loved ones. It has already been shown to have something to do with how people waste their lives away in front of the tv, video games, or social media site. And, sadly, after a lifetime of the aforementioned inadvertent activities, it’s how you grow old and realize you’ve not pursued any of your passions, or accomplished anything you’d planned on. Granted, there are plenty of other reasons you could give for having a mediocre to less than desirable life, but there is always at least a little something you can do about it, if you are intentional.

One popular reason for not living up to your potential was even made into a twangy country song, “Life happened.” What a good excuse! So you got pregnant. So you got a job you like less than you’d prefer and you’d rather be an astronaut. Maybe the cure is to stop saying “Why not?” to the tv or to FB or to another drink, or insert your downfall here, and say “Why not?” to the dreams you used to have.

Maybe, no, probably, those dreams have changed, as dreams tend to do as you live out your life and realize more of your preferences. That is a good thing. But know that there are still aspirations there, even if they are deep inside you. Even if they have not been able to be accessed or pondered about for years. And even if you believe they are covered up with the plethora of responsibilities that come with adulthood, and a lack of time to even consider them, much less accomplish them.


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