Intentionality With Your Work

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Being intentional is a vital tool in finding happiness in your life.  We should try to be intentional about everything, be it the food we put into our bodies, the company we keep, the way we relax, and how we spend every moment of our time, really.  Because, you see, if we’re not careful, we will become creatures of habit, relying merely on the culture around us- mimicking what those around us do- relying on instinct, and not being intentional or even giving the slightest thought to why we do the things we do.

Another way we often disregard intentionality in our lives is by succumbing to tradition- doing things or acting a certain way because it’s what we, or our family of origin, or any group we hang out in, has always done.  Don’t get me wrong- some traditions are great, even super!  But some not-so-positive ones may require serious consideration as to whether you want to be a part of carrying them on.  Check out this website for some great information and benefits of intentional living:

So, if you’re not truly happy with any aspect of your life, you owe it to yourself to analyze and pinpoint the exact reasons why.  If you’re stuck, a good place to start could be looking at what you do for a living.  The majority of our time, for most of us, is spent at our jobs.  Our daily lives at our occupations influence how we’ll treat our family and friends, and other important people around us.  If you’re pissed off all day at your job, chances are you’ll come home and act anywhere from less than ideal to downright atrocious to your family- probably not what you want to be remembered for.

If you have thought about it and decided that your job may not be the best fit, try not to give in to this train of thought: “Well, it’s paying the bills, so that’s good enough.”  It’s so tempting to fall into that trap and take that oh-so-easy way out.  Trust me, I know from experience.  But, if you really want to figure out how to improve the happiness quotient in your life, you need to discover what it is that is wrong with your job- discern precisely why it doesn’t feel right.  Maybe you will find that it’s just you being unrealistic or entitled, which are also very helpful revelations in themselves, but perhaps you’ll see that your company’s morals or the profession you are in are not great fits for you.

If you have decided the latter is true, DON’T quit immediately! That’s not the answer.  But, please, no, pretty please, do seriously consider and research if there is something better for you.  Try to figure out exactly what would make you happier in a career.  Are you missing your children at home?  Working too many or too few hours?  Are you an introvert who has to deal with tons of people all day at your job?  Maybe you just want to be allowed to salivate up some more of your amazing creative juices and put them to better use.

Sometimes the answers are not that simply derived and clear cut, and require more thinking, time and effort put forth by you.  If that’s the case for you, as it was for me, I suggest taking a personality test like the Myers Briggs to see what types of jobs fit your personality, and to see where your current job fits in that continuum.  For your convenience, (you’re welcome!) it can be found here:  I know, I know, that may seem very elementary, as you may remember taking that exact test in high school.  But, if you’re anything like me, you don’t remember a lick of what the results were, or even if you do, you’ve changed A LOT since then!

So summarily, don’t just jump haphazardly to the next job in search of the perfect life.  Chances are, it may not be a great fit, either, if you’ve not taken the time to diagnose exactly what it is your unique personality and astounding talents require from a job to reach maximum workplace satisfaction, or even euphoria, if we’re really stretching the limits here.  But, if you never even take the time to think about what type of job would be fulfilling to you, you’ll end up a disgruntled old lady or man, and with lots of regrets.  And I don’t know about you, but having no regrets at the end of my life is one of my goals, so get to it and find your ultimate work!

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